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These Edinburgh pop-rockers formed in 1979 and released a string of singles and one album (A Thin Red Line). They toured extensively, both in their own right and as support to bands such as The Skids, The Jam and The Undertones.

By May 1982 the band had grown frustrated at their inability to break through to the next level and decided to quit while they were ahead, immediately after coming offstage supporting The Rolling Stones at Edinburgh Playhouse.

In October 2005 they agreed to perform as part of the John Peel Day gigs organised around the country to mark the anniversary of the DJ’s death.

Peel had been a huge influence on the band and it seemed entirely appropriate to get together for the event. The gig, at Edinburgh’s Citrus Club, was an unqualified success and the group reformed (with a new drummer).

Norman Rodger
Vocals. guitar
Neil Baldwin
Bass, vocals
Dave Hampton
Trumpet, keyboards, vocals
Alistair “Ally” Palmer
Guitar, vocals
Ali Paterson
Colin Maclean