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Tyla Gang, The

Following the breakup of Ducks Deluxe, Sean Tyla formed The Tyla Gang with guitarist Bruce Irvine, bassist Brian “Kid” Turrington and drummer Mike Desmarais, Turrington and Desmarais had played together in The Winkies.

The Tyla Gang, like The Rumour and Ian Gomm, were heavily influenced by American R&B, a trait that often led to accusations of second-rate imitation.


Early incarnations of the Gang were far from earthmovingly wonderful. Unable to withstand Sean’s temper or keep up with his single-mindedness, the incessantly changing membership of the band just couldn’t settle down into any kind of even temporary coherence.

Also, Sean had become so enamoured with Lowell George that for a while the Gang sounded like a less talented, four piece Little Feat.

Sean Tyla
Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Bruce Irvine
Brian “Kid” Turrington
Michael Desmarais

Pete O’Sullivan
Ken Whaley