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UK Decay

UK Decay were a gothic punk band from Luton, Bedfordshire, who had formerly been known as The Resistors.

Singer/guitarist Steve ‘Abbo” Abbott, bassist Martyn ‘Segovia’ Smith and drummer Steve Harle formed UK Decay in 1979.

They recorded their first single, a split release with another local band, Pneu-Mania. It received scathing reviews from the music press and all 1,000 copies sold in double quick time. Guitarist Steve Spon immediately left Pneu-Mania and joined UK Decay.

Immense cult-level popularity followed them throughout their career, as they gigged relentlessly and they released several independent singles and EP’s – Black 45 (1980), For My Country (1980), Unexpected Guest (1981), The Black Cat (1981), Sexual (1981) and Rising From The Dead (1982) – and two albums – For Madmen Only (1981) and A Night For Celebration (1983).


In early 1981, following a tour supporting the Dead Kennedys, Segovia left and the band went through a pair of temporary bassists – Loraine ‘Lol’ Turvey and Creeton Kaos – whilst preparing for their long-playing debut, For Madmen Only.

Kaos had subbed for Segovia during UK Decay’s US tour that April, but he left during the recording sessions for the LP, and so the record was completed with Ed ‘Twiggy’ Branch.

This lineup remained stable as the band signed with Corpus Christi for the Rising From The Dead 12″ EP.

It proved to be their last studio effort and the band called it a day in late 1982, bowing out with a farewell gig at the Klub Foot, Clarendon Ballroom, Hammersmith in London.

Steve “Abbo” Abbott
Vocals, guitar
Steve Spon

Martyn “Segovia” Smith

Steve Harle

Loraine “Lol” Turvey
Creeton Kaos
Ed “Twiggy” Branch