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Vanilla Chainsaws

Formed in August 1986, Sydney band Vanilla Chainsaws released their debut single, T.S. (Was It Really Me) b/w Everything on the local Phantom label in August the following year.

By 1988 drummer Peter Kelly had been replaced by Duilio Hernandez in time to record the mini-album Wine Dark Sea.

The band toured America and the UK but by Christmas 1989, vocalist Simon Drew and guitarist Mark Alexander found themselves in Germany and the only remaining members of the band.

vanillachainsaw_022Recruiting a couple of local Germans (Henning Werner and Chekov Helmker) the Chainsaw toured all across Europe and the UK. It would be almost two years before the boys would return home to Australia.

In 1991 the Vanilla Chainsaws returned home, re-formed the original lineup, hooked up again with Phantom records and released the Red Lights mini-album.

Upon signing with PolyGram they released Watching Me and Worst Place in the World but continued to be plagued by lineup, management, and record label problems.

The last straw  came when in 1995 they were unable to secure a release for their newly recorded Doom EP. Drew and Alexander disbanded the group.

Simon Drew
Vocals, guitar
Mark Alexander
Guitar, vocals
Cameron Lee
Bass, vocals
Peter Kelly
Drums, vocals
Duilio Hernandez
Henning Worner
Chekov Helmker
Sabina Collins
Murray Shepherd
Rudy Morabito