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Vanity Fare

Vanity Fare formed at the end of 1967 from the ashes of Kent (UK) melodians The Avengers and became surprise hit-makers amidst the acid-fried rumble of late 60s Brit-rock.

Signed to Larry Page’s Page One label, they went in search of material and settled on a cover of an American hit by The Sunrays, I Live For The Sun.

vanityfare8They scored a shock hit with the paisley froth of Hitchin’ A Ride in the summer of 1968, and from nowhere a pop career beckoned.

Suddenly, bookings at working men’s clubs were hastily scrapped as the unlikely quintet found themselves blinking their way through Top Of The Pops performances while being scowled at by The Who.

By 1969 the splendid Mike Leander-penned Early In The Morning had cemented their paisley bubblegum appeal in the US (where it reached #12) and Vanity Fare were destined for a life on the cabaret circuit, that they inhabit to this day.

Those seeking more lysergic thrills from Brit rockers clad in cravats and lurid shirts had to look elsewhere but, for many, the incense ‘n’ peppermints flavoured crooning of Vanity Fare provided all the psychedelia they needed.

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