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Vice Squad


This Bristol punk band formed in late 1978 and was fronted by blonde vocalist Beki Bondage (real name Rebecca Louise Bond), who became for a while rock’s leading pin-up in the music press (especially Sounds).

The rest of the band were Dave Bateman (guitar), Mark Hambley (bass) and Shane Baldwin (drums).

Their first single, Last Rockers, was released on their own Riot City Records in 1980, and follow-up EPs Resurrection and Out Of Reach were distinctively melodic.

The debut album was disappointing, however.

After signing a deal licensing the Riot City label to EMI (for which they received a lot of flak from other punk artists) Vice Squad were rushed into the studio to record their first album. Taking only three days, the finished product was barely listenable.

Much more polish and time went into the superior Stand Strong Stand Proud only six months later.

Despite Beki’s increasingly high profile and naive exploitation of her gender (she was voted ‘Punk’s Prime Minister’ in an absurd competition in Punk Lives magazine), EMI wanted their success to transfer from the independent to the national charts.

Beki Bondage quit the band in February 1983 amid some degree of acrimony. She still tours and records under the name Vice Squad, with completely different musicians.

Beki Bondage
(Rebecca Bond)
Dave Bateman

Mark Hambley

Shane Baldwin