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The only 1980s hair metal crew who could truly be forgiven for all that blow-drying, Vixen were briefly the female alternative to Bon Jovi.

Founded in St Paul, Minnesota, by guitarist Jan Kuehnemund, their eponymous 1988 debut album was a million-seller.

A glam mainstay, the band supported the likes of KISSAerosmith and The Scorpions but their follow-up album, Rev It Up, failed to ignite, their manager fell-out with EMI, and with big hair rapidly deflating the band split up in 1991.

Gardner, Petrucci and Kuehnemund staged a brief Vixen reunion in 2000, as have various other combinations of the group from time to time.


Jan, Share and Roxy continued to be involved in the music business, while Janet Gardner gave it all away for a happy married life.

Jan Kuehnemund passed away in 2013, after a short fight with cancer.

Janet Gardner
Jan Kuehnemund

Share Ross (Pedersen)

Roxy Petrucci