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Voice Of The Beehive

This jaunty British pop band with 60s girl group overtones was fronted by Californian sisters Tracey Bryn and Melissa Brooke Belland, with backup from Mike Jones (guitar) and former Madness members Mark ‘Bedders’ Bedford (bass) and Dan ‘Woody’ Woodgate (drums).

The group mixed frothy pop, zany threads, girl-power attitude and Top 30 action in 1988 with Don’t Call Me Baby and I Say Nothing.


Three years on, they shifted from Food Records to East West, released third album Sex and Misery (1995), and vanished.

Woody left the band in 1992 to reunite with old muckers Madness. In between commitments, he co-founded funk-metal rockers Fat.

After the band called it a day, the sisters returned to California and settled in Laguna Beach. Tracey writes and illustrates children’s books while Melissa designs statues and sculptures.

The girls’ father, Bruce Belland, had been a member of 1950s singing group The Four Preps. The sisters appeared in TV commercials as children.

Tracey Bryn Belland
Vocals, guitar
Melissa Brooke Belland 
Mike Jones  

Mark Bedford  

Daniel “Woody” Woodgate 

Martin Brett