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Wackers, The

Anglophile guitarist and singer/songwriter Bob Segarini formed The Wackers in northern California in 1970 before relocating to Montreal, Canada, two years later.

The Wackers released their debut album, Wackering Heights, in 1971 on Elektra. Produced by sunshine pop icon Gary Usher, the album was a dreamy sundae of Rubber Soul, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and The Beach Boys‘ Wild Honey.

Also produced by Usher, Hot Wacks (1972) fulfilled Segarini’s desire to distil the best of The Beatles – just two years after their messy demise. Opening track I Hardly Know Her Name channels With The Beatles while the transcendent We Can Be picks up on the sentiments and harmonies of Revolver.


Best of all, the 10-minute suite – book-ended by Time Will Carry On – gives the Abbey Road medley a good run for its money.

Harking back to the joy of 1966 yet shot through with 1970’s realism, Hot Wacks is a power-pop classic.

Shredder followed in 1973 and the group called it a day in 1974 after recording the (canned by Elektra) live album Wack ‘n’ Roll.

Blessed with the goods to be as big as Badfinger – sparkling harmonies, triple-guitar chime and two ace songwriters – The Wackers sadly did not get the power pop love ritually accorded to Big Star and The Raspberries.

Bob Segarini
Vocals, guitar
Randy Bishop
Guitar, keyboards, bass
Michael Stull
Guitar, keyboards
Bill ‘Kootch’ Trochim
Bass, guitar
Spencer ‘Ernie’ Earnshaw
Gerry Mercer