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Warm Sounds

Warm Sounds were a harmony duo comprising Barry Husband (aka Barry Younghusband), formerly of Tuesday’s Children, and Denver Gerrard. The pair teamed up just in time to greet the Summer of Love with a psychedelic-pop classic called Birds & Bees, released on Decca’s quasi-progressive Deram label.

The song reached #27 on the national chart in England and hit #1 on Radio London – the definitive pirate radio outlet for the UK at the time.


A follow-up Deram single – Nite Is A Comin’ – failed to chart, and a move over to Immediate Records yielded one single – Sticks And Stones – that was also largely ignored.

Toward the end of their time together, the duo began experimenting with backward tapes and heavily overdubbed psychedelic effects.

After the group dissolved, Husband and Candy John Carr (the drummer who occasionally worked with Warm Sounds) became members of Hapshash and the Coloured Coat and subsequently joined Donovan‘s band Open Road.

Carr was also in the line-up of the group Junior’s Eyes, while Denver Gerrard (working as Denny Gerrard) recorded a solo album, Sinister Morning, for Decca’s mid-priced Nova label.

Barry Husband
Guitar, bass, vocals
Denver Gerrard
Guitar, vocals