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Westworld (named after the 1973 film in which androids go on a rampage at a futuristic theme park) was founded in 1986 by former Generation X guitarist Bob ‘Derwood’ Andrews and fronted by American vocalist Elizabeth Westwood.

The lineup was completed by drummer Nick Burton.

Debut album Rockulator spawned Top 20 hit Sonic Boom Boy, although follow-up single Ba-Na-Na-Bam-Boo just scraped into the Top 40.

Visually the band were styled in a way reminiscent of comic book art and musically they were a blend of classic 1950s rock and roll, glam, and punk, updated with beatboxes and sequencer.

They managed to record another two albums with Burton leaving the band before their third album. He was replaced by Gary ‘Gaz’ Young, and the trio added Tracey ‘TJ’ O’Conner to the lineup.

The group called it a day in 1992 with Bob and Elizabeth later forming a band called Moondogg.

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Elizabeth Westwood
Bob ‘Derwood’ Andrews
Nick Burton
Gary ‘Gaz’ Young