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Wet Wet Wet

Fronted by Marti Pellow (born Mark McLaughlin), Scottish band Wet Wet Wet had three Top 10 hits in 1987, and a #1 debut album (Popped In Souled Out).

The following year they were at #1 again with a charity song – a cover of The Beatles‘ With A Little Help From My Friends.

Perhaps too wholesome for their own good they looked to be on the downslide by the 1990s, but stormed back with the unexpected chart-topper Goodnight Girl and, two years later, a residency at the top of the charts when their version of The Troggs‘ Love Is All Around featured on the soundtrack to Four Weddings and A Funeral (1994).


Composer Reg Presley was delighted at the new version’s extended chart-topping feat: he became a millionaire through it.

Pellow grew his hair and acquired a drug and alcohol habit, but the group seemed to survive – perhaps by acknowledging that their former audience of screaming teenage girls had now matured into women with lots of makeup, white stilettos and sports cars . . .

The band were originally called Vortex Motion and played Clash cover versions.

Marti Pellow (Mark McLaughlin)
Graeme Clark
Bass, vocals
Neil Mitchell
Keyboards, vocals
Tommy Cunningham
Drums, vocals