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White Sister

White Sister formed in Burbank (California) in 1980 and comprised Garry Brandon (vocals and keyboards), Rick Chadock (guitar), Dennis Churchill-Dries (vocals and bass) and Gus Moratinos (drums). New drummer Richard Wright joined in 1981.

The band met Gregg Giuffria from the band Angel which led Giuffria to produce their demos and eventually, their debut album, released in 1984.

Garry Brandon left the band before they released their second album, Fashion by Passion, in 1986. The group toured the UK, where they were warmly received and established a cult following in the process.

The band called it a day in 1989.

Richard Wright died on 14 June 2006, at the age of 44. Guitarist Rick Chadock lost his battle with cancer on 15 October 2012.

Dennis Churchill-Dries
Vocals, bass
Rick Chadock
Gary Brandon
Vocals, keyboards
Gus Moratinos
Richard Wright