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Wizzard was the epitome of Roy Wood’s notion of magic and entertainment, formed in 1972 after Roy split from ELO (which then fell under the leadership of Jeff Lynne).

wizzard_110The mainstay of The Move in its heyday, Wood formed Wizzard as a rock ‘n’ roll revival vehicle for his Phil Spector-ish production numbers and made brilliantly catchy hit records, including; Ball Park IncidentForeverAngel FingersSee My Baby JiveRock & Roll Winter and the ubiquitous I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday.

Wood’s larger-than-life hair and star-spangled make-up created a visual image that helped project the band to the top (of the pops).

Wizzard’s live shows featured Wood leaping around like some manic English king, with the rest of the band (who Wood actually employed and paid a weekly wage) dressed in equally insane costumes – angels with roller skates jostling with ageing Teddy Boys.

By autumn 1975 the band had split, leaving a farewell single, Rattlesnake Roll, which failed to chart, plus a third album, Main Street, which their record company did not release as they deemed it too uncommercial. It finally saw the light of day in 2000.


In 1977 Wood and Rick Price formed the short-lived Wizzo Band, after which Wood reverted to a solo career in addition to producing records for other acts, notably a 1979 Top 10 cover version of Duke of Earl for British doo-wop revivalists Darts.

Saxophonist Mike Burney – who provided the memorable sax riffs across three of the band’s albums and numerous hits singles – died in 2014.


Roy Wood
Vocals, guitar, saxophone
Bill Hunt
Bob Brady
Hugh McDowell
Electric Cello
Rick Price
Mike Burney
Saxophone, clarinet, flute
Nick Pentelow
Saxophone, clarinet, flute
Keith Smart

1st Drummer
Charlie Grima
2nd Drummer
Dave Griffiths