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World Party

World Party was basically a one-man project from singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Karl Wallinger.

Formerly of the popular British band The Waterboys, Wallinger’s albums were always fascinating, unapologetic exercises in pop self-referentialism.

His 1987 debut Private Revolution scored a Top 40 hit with the infectious single Ship Of Fools.


After a long layoff (during which time Wallinger aided Sinead O’Connor in recording her debut LP The Lion and The Cobra) World Party returned in 1990 with Goodbye Jumbo, another successful collection offering the minor hits Way Down Now and Put The Message In The Box.

After the stop-gap Thank You World EP (1991), Wallinger recruited guitarist Dave Caitlin-Birch and drummer Chris Sharrock as full-fledged members for Bang! (1993) which reached #2 on the British album charts.

After Egyptology (1997) Wallinger took a three-year break from World Party, returning in 2000 with Dumbing Up. He suffered an aneurysm shortly after the record’s release, resulting in a long and painful recovery period that found him unable to speak for a time.

After regaining his motor skills, Wallinger returned to the studio and began work on a new album. The career-spanning compilation Best In Show arrived in 2007.


At times Wallinger’s retro-’60s obsessions and his vocal blend of Dylan and Jagger (less distinctive than either), coupled with his occasional forays into funk, made him sound like Prince fixated on classic rock.

His nod to the Fab FourShe’s The One was rewarded by a hit cover version by Robbie Williams.

Karl Wallinger
Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums
Dave Caitlin-Birch
Chris Sharrock