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You Am I

Centered around the prolific songwriting skills of singer/guitarist Tim Rogers, You Am I is one of the most successful and internationally admired Australian bands of the 1990s.

Rogers formed You Am I in December 1989 with school friend Nick Tischler and older brother Jaimme Rogers. Mixing the gritty early 70s raunch of The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Faces with the frenzied attack of The Clash, The Jam and The Replacements, the band gained valuable experience playing support gigs to Sydney contemporaries like The Falling Joys and The Hard-Ons.

Jaimme Rogers left at the end of 1990 and was replaced by Mark Tunaley.


At home, they’ve notched up three number one albums, Sonic Youth and Soundgarden are counted among their admirers, and Silverchair even named themselves after a You Am I song.

Tim Rogers
Vocals, guitar
Andy Kent
Bass, vocals
Russell Hopkinson
Nick Tischler
Jaimme Rogers
Mark Tunaley