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Young Homebuyers

Young Homebuyers hailed from Adelaide, Australia, and pivoted around the songwriting team of Nigel Lawrence and Greg Williams, who met at high school.

In their original incarnation, the band were heavily into satire, offering hilarious stage parodies of The Police, Billy Joel, Redgum and others, with songs like It’s Still Billy Joel To MePenguins Took My BabyWankingPolish Reggae Party and Please Let Me Be On Countdown.

Critics compared them to Mental As Anything, The Sports and early Reels because of their pop hooks, party atmosphere, quirky lyrics and overall irreverent approach to rock & roll.

They phased overt novelty out of their act and developed their sublime blend of power pop, British Beat, rockabilly, reggae, funk and punk to come up with a fresh, exhilarating, ultra-commercial young sound.

Snapped up by Melbourne’s Rough Diamond Records before they had even set foot in that city, the group recorded their self-titled debut album under the production of former Little River Band guitarist David Briggs.

The album was released in November 1982 and shone with such polished diamonds as FionaBoyfriendJackie’s Door and Sheree. Their first hit, Take One Step (May 1982), was actually an extended version of an advertising jingle they wrote for Hall’s Lemon Twist, a popular Adelaide soft drink.

Their magnificent second single, She’s A Girl (September 1982), unfortunately received little radio airplay in Australia and the band called it a day with Greg Champion pursuing a career in radio.

Nigel Lawrence
Greg Williams
Guitar, vocals
Greg Champion
Guitar, vocals
Mick Teakle
Paul Ziesing
Tony Thornton