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Y&T (Yesterday & Today)

When it comes to the original MTV generation of big-haired heavy metal band, Y&T (originally Yesterday & Today before they shortened their name) were one of the best, yet they remained underrated. The San Francisco-based band featured Dave Meniketti, Joey Alves, Philip Kennemore and Leonard Haze.

They recorded steadily throughout the 80s, with albums including Yesterday & Today (1976), Struck Down (1978), Earthshaker (1981), Black Tiger (1982), Mean Streak (1983), In Rock We Trust (1984), Down For The Count (1985), Contagious (1987), Ten (1990).

Leonard Haze left the band in 1986 and was replaced by Jimmy DeGrasso. Alves left in 1989 and was replaced by Stef Burns.

Y&T broke up in 1991, with their farewell New Years Eve concert in San Francisco preserved on the album Yesterday & Today Live. They performed together again sporadically from 1995 before officially reuniting in 2001. Meniketti and Kennemore are the only remaining original members.

Dave Meniketti
Vocals, guitar
Joey Alves
Guitar, vocals
Phil Kennemore
Bass, vocals
Leonard Haze
Jimmy DeGrasso