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Zipps, The

The Zipps formed in Holland in 1965 from the remains of popular local folk group The Beat Town Skifflers.

They were soon signed by the Muziek Express label and recorded their only single for the label (Highway Gambler) in 1966.


Playing shows across the country they soon met Ben Katerberg who was able to help the band write English language lyrics in an effort to broaden their appeal and compete with the records from the UK that dominated the Dutch airwaves by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles etc.

One of these new compositions – Kicks and Chicks – was to unzip their fortunes. Released as their next single in October 1966, this became The Zipps’ best known single and was such a success in Holland that the band even appeared live on TV.

Philip Byron (Philip Elzerman)
Vocals, guitar
Peter Nuyten
Theo Verschoor
John Noce Santoro