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45 (Rock On With 45)

1 9 7 4 – 1 9 7 5 (UK)
40 x 30 minute episodes

Following the demise of children’s TV pop show Lift Off With Ayshea, Granada producer Muriel Young returned with 45, aimed at a slightly older audience but still featuring host Ayshea Brough.

The show began in just a few ITV regions and by the time it had been picked up for national coverage, Ayshea had been replaced by DJ Kid Jensen from Radio Luxembourg in his first British television job.

Ken Martyne was once again in charge of choreography, initially with an outfit called Stylus and then with Zig Zag.

In January 1975, the name of the show was extended to Rock On With 45 and some editions were recorded at the Hardrock discotheque in Stretford, Manchester.

Featured artists varied from Glam Rock stars to bands such as The Troggs and The Hollies. The show also gave early exposure to a wealth of new bands, including Dr Feelgood in July 1975.

45 had pretensions to be more than a kids’ show but as soon as it ended, Muriel Young re-entrenched herself in children’s television, launching Look Alive (1975 – 1976).

Ayshea Brough
Kid Jensen
Zig Zag