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Big Beat, The (1958)

Fresh out of college, John Randall (William Reynolds) tries to persuade his father into releasing rock and roll along with the other lame records he already produces.

Dad relents and gives the kid a subsidiary company to be overseen by his A&R man.

It’s pure nonsense from then on as Reynolds almost blows the whole gig, saving it at the last minute with a scheme to push his records in supermarkets.

Standout moments include Fats Domino doing I’m Walking and The Diamonds doing an incredible bit on Little Darling.

John Randall
William Reynolds
Nikki Collins
Andra Martin
Cindy Adams
Gogi Grant
Danny Phillips
Jeffrey Stone
May Gordon
Rose Marie
Vladimir Skilsky
Hans Conried
Joseph Randall
Bill Goodwin
Fats Domino
The Diamonds
The Lancers

Will Cowan