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Breaking Glass (1980)

Singer Kate (Hazel O’Connor) claws her way into the charts, with help from spiv manager-cum-lover Danny (Phil Daniels), only to find the glitter tarnished and the pressures of fame unbearable.

Veteran actor Jon Finch is Bob Woods, the sinister record producer under whose influence Kate slowly falls. Roxy Music bassist Gary Tibbs is featured in a supporting role alongside other band members, Mark Wingett, Peter-Hugo Daly and Jonathan Pryce.


Efficiently directed by Brian Gibson from his own original screenplay, this hopelessly dated musical is completely formulaic on the rags-to-riches front, yet intriguing from a New Wave nostalgia perspective.

Making her film debut, O’Connor (who wrote all the songs) hit the Top Ten with Eighth Day before fading into obscurity.

The “life imitating art” subtext adds another level of interest to what is basically a morose chronicle of music biz clichés.

The huge concert scene at the end of the film was filmed at the Rainbow in front of 2,000 extras, including Robert Elms, Boy George, Marilyn and Spizz.


Danny Price
Phil Daniels
Kate Crawley
Hazel O’Connor
Gary Tibbs
Mark Wingett
Jonathan Pryce
Mick Leaf
Peter-Hugo Daly
Bob Woods
Jon Finch
Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney
Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart

Brian Gibson