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Don’t Knock the Twist (1962)

An effort by Columbia Pictures to capitalise on the Twist dance craze, produced by notorious cost-cutter Sam Katzman as a virtual remake of Don’t Knock The Rock (1956).

The big question here is, will a romantic triangle spoil an upcoming Twist Spectacular slated for national TV? The answer is hardly worth sticking around for.

The Dovells, though, are particularly spiffy with a cooking version of Bristol Stomp.

Chubby Checker
Duke of Earl
Gene Chandler
Vic Dana 
Vic Dana
Linda Scott 
Linda Scott
The Dovells
The Dovells
Ted Haver
Lang Jeffries
Dulcie Corbin
Mari Blanchard
Madge Albright
Georgine Darcy
Billy Albright
Stephen Preston
Joe Albright
James Chandler
Mrs. Morrison
Barbara Morrison
Amy the Dressmaker
Nydia Westman
Mrs Kay
Hortense Petra
Ruth Emerson
Elizabeth Harrower
Herbert ‘Herb’ Walcott
Frank Albertson

Oscar Rudolph