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Duke Wore Jeans, The (1958)

When an aristocratic family hits hard times, they encourage their son to marry a princess to get them out of trouble.

Unfortunately, he has already married without telling them and turns to a lookalike for help.

Tommy Steele plays a likely lad who helps the charmless lookalike noble to escape being married off to feisty princess June Laverick.


The “trading places” plot is one of the venerable old chestnuts of drama and the jerry-built sets and fifth-rate pop songs that adorn this tosh considerably scuff the sheen.

Gerald Thomas and Peter Rogers made cheapskate part of the Carry On appeal, but here it simply seems tatty.

Tony Whitecliffe/Tommy Hudson
Tommy Steele
Princess Maria
June Laverick
Michael Medwin
Eric Pohlmann
King of Ritallia
Alan Wheatley
Mary Kerridge
Ambrosine Philpotts
Lord Whitecliffe
Clive Morton
Lady Marguerite
Noel Hood
Elwyn Brook-Jones

Gerald Thomas