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1 9 7 6 – 1 9 7 7 (Australia)
425 x 30 minute episodes

This pop music-centric magazine show from the Australian ABC was hosted by Ray Burgess and Mike Meade.

Mike Meade began life as a cameraman at STW 9 in Perth, Western Australia, while Burgess had achieved a modicum of fame in the 70s as a pop singer and had impressed producers with his handling of Countdown as guest compere.

Flashez was originally broadcast at 4.30 pm on weekdays but people complained they couldn’t get home in time so it was moved to the later time slot of 5.30 pm.

The revamped show now featured recorded interviews with American stars such as Stevie Wonder and KISS along with the local studio interviews of homegrown stars, and a new segment called ‘Sportsflash’ which gave a different view of various sports through the eyes of a top expert in the field.

The successful Dear Suzy segment of the show, featuring Sydney newspaper columnist Suzy Jarrett discussing teenage problems, remained to the end.

About 15 people worked on Flashez, some of them freelance researchers and film crew.

When Flashez was finally cancelled, Mike Meade went on to co-host a twice-weekly children’s TV show called Give ‘Em Heaps with musician Ross Ryan.