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Glastonbury Fayre (1972)

Long before “Glasto” became all about high fences, giant video screens and corporate advertising, the events were far simpler – based around the summer solstice, ley lines and as much free love as you could stand.

Thankfully, for those of us too young to remember such an idyllic world, Nic Roeg popped along to Worthy Farm, Pilton for the second Glastonbury Fayre in 1971 and recorded those innocent and groundbreaking times on celluloid for posterity.

An audience of just 12,000 revelled in nudity, spirituality, idealism, drug-fuelled hippie dancing, free love in the open fields, impromptu percussion bands, Hare Krishna processions, 70s-style camping, mud wrestling and even a bit of music (including a scorching performance of Gimme Some Loving from Steve Winwood and Traffic).

Other musical performances captured in the film include Arthur Brown, Family, Fairport Convention, Gong, Kingdom Come, Melanie (pictured below), Quintessence, Linda Lewis, Terry Reid, Trumpton and the Riots, Tonto’s Expanding Head Band and Bostik Swastika.

Fairport Convention
Arthur Brown
Linda Lewis
Kingdom Come
Terry Reid
Magic Michael
Tonto’s Expanding Head Band
Trumpton and the Riots
Bostik Swastika

Nicolas Roeg