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1 9 8 7 – Current (Australia)

This popular all-night Australian music video programme has broadcast all through Friday nights and Saturday nights since it debuted on Friday 17 April 1987. It is the oldest music television program currently still in production as of 2018.

Prior to 1989, rage frequently dedicated large chunks of airtime to individual artists and musical styles, often playing an artist’s entire catalogue of videos. In 1989, Saturday night specials were introduced, with rage showing every video from a nominated artist each Saturday night in chronological order.

Guest programmers, who choose the videos aired for an episode, were introduced in January 1990 and the only time a host is seen delivering dialogue to the camera is when guest programmers appear.

Otherwise, the videos are run end-to-end with the occasional quick branding clip or the rage logo accompanied by a voice that simply says “Rage!” to break them up.

The theme song used to open the show is sampled from Iggy Pop‘s extended version of Real Wild Child with Pop’s vocals and the word “rage” manipulated backwards throughout.