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1 9 8 1 – 1 9 8 7 (UK)
126 x 20 minute episodes

This fast-moving afternoon pop programme from Tyne Tees TV presented music, quizzes, competitions, interviews and other segments featuring cooking, YoYo experts and a quiz game called ‘Popscotch’ – with the kids playing hopscotch on pictures of pop stars’ faces.

There were regular games and tongue-twisting contests based around the character of Peggy Babcock, a lady pirate, and you could take a music workshop with Rick Wakeman (keyboard) or Stewart Copeland (drums).

Host Alastair Pirrie – renowned for his energetic and madcap presenting style – was joined initially by Lyn Spencer, with later presenters including Suzanne Dando and a young Lisa Stansfield, as well as Zoe Brown, David Jensen and Annabel Giles.

On a set decorated with clouds and rainbows, the presenters introduced Kate Bush and Kiki Dee, items on roller discos and electronic T-shirts, and presented the Human Jukebox Man, who claimed to be able to sing any song if you stuffed ten pence in his mouth.

With a studio audience of 300 kids and a television audience of nearly six million viewers, the ITV show was second only to Top Of The Pops in the music show ratings in the UK.

Alastair Pirrie died in January 2017 aged 62.

Alastair Pirrie
Lyn Spencer
Suzanne Dando
Lisa Stansfield
Zoe Brown
David Jensen
Annabel Giles