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Right On

1 9 7 7 – 1 9 7 8 (Australia)

Music show Right On aired on Australia’s Channel Ten at 4.00 pm on weekdays, right after Bugs Bunny and Friends. It was also replayed on Saturday mornings.

The 30-minute mix of pop music film clips, competitions and the odd interview was hosted by Kobe Steele, who was the first female to host an Australian national rock music show – and she was only 19 at the time.


Kobe landed the host spot on Right On by accident. As publicity officer for Living Sound Records (later Laser), she was in the offices of McCabe-Collins (producers of Right On) talking about her company’s bands.

Mr Collins was soon interviewing her, then offering her the job as co-compere on the 0-10 Network show Rock ‘N’ Roll Milk Bar, produced in Brisbane.

Before long she was offered her own show, five nights a week.

The show was put together by Kobe and producer Cliff Atkinson. Kobe also played the role of Girl Friday, answering letters, typing, picking up film clips from record companies and so on.


During her 18 months at Right On Kobe met Mark Evans, the bass player from AC/DC, who she later married.

When she left the programme in mid-1978, Alan Steele (no relation) took over. He was a big radio star but his transition to TV wasn’t very successful. Right On was axed a couple of months later.

Alan Steele disappeared into obscurity. Kobe Steele ended up settling down with Alex Plavsic from Aussie band, Sebastian Hardie.