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Sing Sing Sing

1 9 6 2 – 1 9 6 5 (Australia)

This musical variety series from ATN7 (Australia) was originally hosted in the first year by Lionel Long, before becoming a major vehicle for Aussie Rock & Roll legend Johnny O’Keefe.

By late 1963, however, a new music trend from the UK known as Merseybeat was gaining momentum. Within a few months the emergence of the new wave of guitar/vocal groups led by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones ushered in a new era in popular music, and signalled the start of a rapid decline in Johnny O’Keefe’s career.

O’Keefe was resistant to the changes in pop music and made himself unpopular amongst the new groups by banning “long-haired” acts from appearing on Sing, Sing, Sing. In return, O’Keefe was alienated by the new developments in pop music, and he later described this period as “the biggest downer in my career”.

The show came to an end when O’Keefe had his much-publicised breakdown in 1965.