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1 9 6 5 (UK)

This short-lived Scottish pop music show was produced in Glasgow and aired on BBC1 across most of the UK for barely three months.

An energetic, fast-moving show with lots of screaming from the audience, it was billed as “the big noise from Glasgow”.

Lulu & The Luvvers were the headline act, but The Three Bells and Peter Cooke followed Lulu north from Gadzooks!, with the latter changing his name to Peter London.

Other regulars were singer Chris McClure and a seven-man house band known as Sol Byron And The Senate. Also featured were the Stramashers (a six-girl dance group) and the Lindella Movers (six local couples brought in as additional dancers).

Artists who appeared on the show included MarmaladeThe BeatstalkersBilly J. Kramer and the DakotasElkie BrooksThe Fortunes, Anita Harris, Herman’s HermitsTom Jones, Jonathan KingThe Ivy LeaguePeter and Gordon, Barry Ryan, Paul Simon, Jimmy Witherspoon, Fontella BassAdam FaithWayne FontanaThe HolliesPinkerton’s Assorted Colours and Sandie Shaw.

Lulu & The Luvvers
Peter London
The Three Bells
Chris McClure
Sol Byron And The Senate
The Stramashers
The Lindella Movers