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It’s Trad, Dad! (1962)

Director Richard Lester had already worked with the anarchic Goons on TV (A Show Called Fred) and on film – the short The Running Jumping and Standing Still Film (1960 ) – and thus was no stranger to madcap mayhem.

This flair was on show in this film (also known as Ring-a-Ding Rhythm) – the first film officially produced by Amicus Productions, who went on to great success with a string of horror anthology films.


It’s Trad, Dad! is a light-hearted musical romp with the simple message that rock ‘n’ roll is good for you.

Soulful voiced Helen Shapiro and clean-cut Craig Douglas star as a couple of kids trying to mount a music show, despite protests from the pompous, “square” mayor (Felix Felton) who hates music and has banned the deployment of the jukebox and television in the coffee shop.

Among the acts featured are rock ‘n’ roller Chubby Checker and teen idol Del Shannon. Gene Vincent sings Space Ship To Mars, a frantic expression of worry about his woman being seduced by “those Martian men”.

DJ Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman is drawn into the film as the teenagers seek out disc jockeys to help them. The cockney comic actor Arthur Mullard also features, as do presenters/disc jockeys David Jacobs and Pete Murray.

The artful mix of music and zany comedy was an indicator of what was to come for Lester when he teamed up with The Beatles for A Hard Day’s Night (1964).

Helen Shapiro
Craig Douglas
Felix Felton
Police chief
Arthur Mullard
Coffee shop owner
Timothy Bateson
Hugh Lloyd
Head Waiter
Derek Nimmo
Deryck Guyler

Richard Lester