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1 9 6 0 (UK)

This TV pop show from ABC (another Jack Good production) replaced Boy Meets Girls and debuted on 23 April 1960.

Tried-and-tested Good collaborators were brought together once again –  Trevor Peacock in charge of scripts, The Vernons Girls providing the glamour and Joe Brown, Jess Conrad, Billy Fury and Little Tony as regulars, although Good guaranteed he would feature at least one new name in each show.

DJ Keith Fordyce was installed as the programme’s host and the house band – a 20-piece brass ensemble – was now known as Jack Good’s Fat Noise.

Wham!! only lasted eight weeks between April and June 1960 as ABC believed “there is no longer a [viewing] public for teenage rock ‘n’ roll type programmes”.

For Jack Good, it was time to move on. He decided to chance his arm in America, which led to his own music series over there called Shindig.

Keith Fordyce
The Vernons Girls
Joe Brown
Billy Fury
Little Tony
Jess Conrad
Jack Good’s Fat Noise