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Andy ‘Thunderclap’ Newman dead aged 73

30 March 2016

Musician Andy “Thunderclap” Newman has died aged 73.

The pianist for British band Thunderclap Newman died at his home in London.

Pete Townshend of The Who matched guitarist Jimmy McCulloch with drummer and vocalist Speedy Keen (who had been Keith Moon’s chauffeur) in a new group named after its pianist, and this combination created the now-classic single, Something In The Air – with Townshend on production duties and uncredited bass (he worked under the pseudonym ‘Bijou Drains’).

Their sole album – Hollywood Dream – delivered the goods in a similar fashion, fuelled by Keen’s reedy vocals and Newman’s charming honky-tonk piano, with production assistance again from Townshend.

Andy Newman continued to perform occasionally as Thunderclap Newman.