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Babes of S.H.A.D.O – The Girls of Moonbase

While the female operatives based at SHADO HQ down on Earth seemed to do very little else but wander around in skin-tight clothing, the women of Moonbase ran the place and commanded the male pilots stationed there.

Of course, they also wore breast enhancing, miniskirted uniforms, silver catsuits (a scene with a female crewmember changing clothes showed that even her bra and panties were of silver-metallic fabric) and purple wigs, but they were most definitely in charge  – until a male main character turned up from Earth and took over . . .

Lieutenant Joan Harrington

Space Tracker Joan Harrington (Antonia Ellis, pictured above) was one of the earliest Moonbase recruits, as seen in the UFO episode, ‘Confetti Check A-OK’.

Lieutenant Nina Barry

Lieutenant Nina Barry (Dolores Mantez, pictured below left) was one of Commander Straker’s first recruits into SHADO. She worked as a space tracker on Moonbase and later replaced Lieutenant Ellis as its commanding officer.

Lieutenant Barry also served aboard Skydiver at one point (as seen in the episode ‘Sub-Smash’).

ufo689 ufo607

Other memorable female members of staff on Moonbase included Operative Carol Miller (Andrea Allan) and “Joanna” (Shakira Baksh, wife of movie legend Michael Caine).

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