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Trumpton Riots

FILE9385On Christmas Day 1995, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a short documentary on Oliver Postgate (pictured below) and Peter Firmin (pictured above), entitled Trumpton Riots.

Presumably intended as a Christmas filler, it turned out to be one of the best radio documentaries of the year.

FILE9386Over the next five days, they continued to broadcast these beautifully produced programmes, presented by such luminaries as Brian Cant, Sally James and Fred Harris, discussing the history of TV shows including Crackerjack, Blue Peter, Vision On, The Clangers, Camberwick Green, Pogle’s Wood and Magpie. Two more programmes followed in 1997.

Here is the opportunity to once more hear these wonderful programs, which are a credit to the production team involved. If you haven’t yet heard them, download them now and wallow in nostalgia.

Nogs, Togs & Clangers

Oliver Postgate & Peter Firmin

Produced by Laura Druce
Transmitted 25 December 1995
19.9 MB MP3 file

Today Is Saturday

Caron Keating on Tiswas

Produced by Laura Druce
Transmitted 26 December 1995
21.0 MB MP3 file

Through The Arched Window

Maggie Philbin on Play School

Produced by Laura Druce
Transmitted 27 December 1995
20.3 MB MP3 file

Val or Sue, John or Tommy?

Sally James on Blue Peter & Magpie

Produced by Laura Druce
Transmitted 28 December 1995
26.1 MB MP3 file

Pugwash, Windy & Barney McGrew

Presented by Fred Harris

Produced by Laura Druce
Transmitted 29 December 1995
22.0 MB MP3 file

We Cannot Return Your Paintings

Fred Harris examines Vision On

Produced by Laura Parfitt
Transmitted 25 December 1997
26.0 MB MP3 file

It’s Friday, it’s Five to Five, It’s…

Jenny Hanley on Crackerjack


Produced by Laura Parfitt
Transmitted 26 December 1997

2.8 MB MP3 file