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Interior Design in the 1970s

decor_70sUntil the 70s, interior design was simply a DIY pursuit. Once the seventies hit, it was a lifestyle statement.

The dominant colors were Puce, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green (sorry, Avocado), Purple, Gold and Brown.

If it moved, it had to be sprayed with metallic paint. Cars, shoes, hair, shirts, guitars, Y-fronts and faces. To be truly 70s and Glam, it had to be Shiny, Glittery and Spangly.

There were swirls everywhere; on the ceilings, on the walls, on the floors and even on the windows. The furniture was as bright as the walls, and the overhead lights had to be able to be pulled down on a curly lead.

Funky textured carpets, funky textured walls, wood-grain paneling and wallpaper . . . lots and lots and lots and lots of wallpaper! Pre-pasted Vymura was “as easy to hang as a painting”.