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Bisexual Chic

During the sexually liberated ’70s, when the rule of thumb was “if it feels good do it”, gay sexuality seemed a lot less taboo. Rock stars (especially British ones) camped it up – or pretended to – as part of keeping up their image.

Bisexuality was momentarily something to boast about in the late ’70s because it implied you were free of taboos, experimental, in touch with both your male and female sides, and therefore potentially a better lover.

Bisexual Chic came along with the Glam scene, and the likes of David Bowie (who publicly stated that he met his wife because they were both dating the same person), Marc Bolan and Mick Ronson.

Although Bowie’s dress-wearing initially made the headlines, within a few years bisexuality was almost regulation on the more sensitive side of Seventies Glam Rock.