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Drugs in the 1980s


Not only did coke feature as the Yuppie drug of choice in the decade where Greed was Good and Wall Street was God, but it also nearly put paid to comedian Richard Pryor when he accidentally set fire to himself while ‘freebasing’ cocaine in February 1980.


Improved potency and increased availability took junk off the streets and into the clubs. Trendies made the switch from coke and OD’s skyrocketed.


No doubt your kids (and future kids) would thank you if you were clueless to this stronger mid-80s hallucinogenic precursor to Ecstasy. Great for wandering naked into the sea and “making love to the ocean” . . . and er . . . stuff!


By the 80s Marijuana was much less of a big deal, and every one had been high at least once (even your parents)