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Joy of Sex, The

joyofsex_000In 1972, a strange book with strange drawings began to appear in bedrooms – The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort.

Subtitled A Gourmet Guide, the book was strictly for adults – or at least so our parents thought. But we knew where they hid it!.

Despite the fact that the strange bearded man in the line drawings was the most hideous looking chap, the book sold 12 million copies throughout the world and became the sex manual of choice for liberated 70’s couples.

Oddly enough, the greatest number of copies were sold in Australia. The book’s runaway success inspired a 1974 sequel, imaginatively titled More Joy of Sex.

Alex Comfort was a scientist, poet and classical scholar, yet will be remembered forever as the author of this unique book.

Following the success of The Joy Of Sex, the American Psychiatric Association boldly reversed its 100-year stance and announced that homosexuality was in fact not a mental illness.