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Naked Lady Pens

The internet has made porn accessible to everyone these days – but before the web came along, if you wanted to see a pair of bare breasts belonging to a woman you hadn’t actually married or paid to disrobe, you’d buy The Sun and turn to page three.

Alternatively, if you wanted something a little muckier, you could visit the top shelf at the newsagent where you might purchase a copy of Mayfair or Razzle.


But there was another way to look at the naked female form whenever you wanted to – and you could carry it comfortably in your pocket.

The naked lady pen was as much a part of the 1960s and 1970s as long hair and flares.

When you held the pen the right way up or wrote with it, the modesty of the lady in question was perfectly preserved with a well-placed swimsuit.

But – and here’s the clever part – turn the pen upside down and her swimwear would slide away, revealing a sexy woman in all her naked glory.

Whatever anyone might tell you, space-age technology like this was the real reason we went to the moon . . .