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Part-Works/Weekly Collections

Has anybody on the planet ever collected a full set of these collections which went on forever . . . AND they made you buy a binder to put every 12 issues in?

They nearly all seemed to be produced by Marshall Cavendish or ORBIS, and people would see the TV advert, arrange a subscription at the local newsagent, read the first 5 or 6 issues and then pile the remaining 27,000,000 issues in the corner of the spare room/attic/garage.

Favourite subjects seemed to be DIY, the human body, crocheting, military vehicles, woodwork and aeroplanes.

  • Discovery – bringing the past to life
  • Family of Man
  • Golden Hands
  • Golden Homes
  • Grow your own (ahem!)
  • How It Works
  • Input
  • The Joy of Knowledge
  • The Knack
  • Magic Touch
  • Microwave Know-How
  • Super Cook
  • The Unexplained

These days you will find an abundance of these (usually incomplete) collections at car boot sales – And if you dropped one of those binders on your foot you would certainly know about it.