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Space Dust

Nobody ate Space Dust because it tasted nice. In fact, most people probably couldn’t tell you what it tasted like. It wasn’t intended to be savoured though.

The idea was that you put the synthetic sherbet into your mouth and then you went around opening and closing your gob while it popped and fizzed on your tongue.

When you had your mouth closed it made a weird echoey noise inside your head as if aliens were trying to contact you through the medium of static electricity. And when you opened your mouth it could be heard from miles away . . .

When you swallowed the stuff you could feel it continuing to make its way down your throat for ages. Some people even claimed they could feel it popping away in their stomachs, but they were talking bollocks.

On its own, Space Dust was relatively harmless, but if you ate enough of it and drank a few cans of fizzy pop, it could cause your stomach to explode. Or so the urban legend had it anyway.

Fortunately, that turned out to be bollocks too.