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Valley Girls

When it happened we can’t say . . . fer sure – All of a sudden everything the ‘Vals’ did or said was blown out of all proportion by one New Wave hit, Valley Girl by Frank Zappa‘s teenage daughter, Moon Unit in 1982.


The song satirised the attitudes of the rich teenage girls who haunted the shopping malls of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, and introduced new and useful phrases into the English language . . .

Suddenly everyone was hooked on the catch phrases; Barf me out, Grody, Gag me with a spoon, Bitchin’, Tubular, Gnarly, Awesome, To the max, and, like, I’m sooooooo sure . . . totally! What – ever!

The focus of all Val activity was definitely The Galleria, a mall in Sherman Oaks, California.

This is where they went to buy their white pumps, their bitchin’ miniskirts, and their little ankle socks.

All on Daddy’s credit card of course. Like, totally.