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Ankle Bracelets

Adorning the ankles with chains called anklets, or ankle bracelets, was a popular teen trend during the 1950s that has remained an exotic accessory through the decades.

Middle-Eastern women have worn ankle jewellery for ages, but the 50s paired thin gold chains with ankle-length bobby socks as a rebellious stab at convention.

Novelty jewellery such as charm bracelets and copies of Elvis‘ dog tags were marketed as ankle bracelets as well. The jewellery caught on with women, who wore the ankle bracelet over bare skin for a true exotic look at the backyard Tiki party.

The anklet returned as a part of disco diva-hood in the 70s and graced the ankle with a flash of gold while turning the dance floor inside-out.

Nameplate and charm anklets made a big splash during the 1980s, as did Indian-inspired bells during the hippie revival of the 90s.

Leg shackles never looked better (well, except for the time the Charlie’s Angels girls were working on the chain gang, but how do you compete with that?).

Not to be confused with electronic tagging . . .