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Aqua Net

Aqua Net’s glue-like hold has been making hair happy for decades: teen girls fumigated their parents’ bathrooms when they were shellacking their beehives back in the 1950s.


The only hairspray for helmet head, Aqua Net’s affordability and accessibility (it can be found in every K-Mart the world over) has sealed its reputation as the premiere hairspray favoured by all walks of life.

Aqua Net’s miraculous secret formula has been imitated but never duplicated.

While a little spray prevents the hair from flying away, a few extra layers of Aqua Net gives you a hairnet of impenetrable plastic.

Hairsprays work by coating the hair in plastic polymer atoms, which join together to stiffen the hair.

Housed in an attractively coloured aerosol can with a fishnet design overlay, Aqua Net holds the hair in an almost waterproof finish.

The big hair of the 1980s owes its existence to Aqua Net: mile-high hair mall girls, hair bands (Poison, Ratt), punk rockers (Mohawks) and goths (see Robert Smith of The Cure) all relied on Aqua Net hairspray for their gravity-defying coifs.