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Baby Doll Dresses

During the swinging 60s, men advanced to walking on the moon, and ladies reverted back to infancy. The 60s rejected the voluptuous hourglass curves of the 50s and returned to the prepubescent days of childhood style. The little girl look was all the rage in fashion, and this childish craze was consummated for nightwear with baby doll pyjamas.

The 1956 film Baby Doll told the tragic story of an adult woman with childlike tendencies who wore the sexy and innocent style of little girl pyjamas.


The short, frilly dresses with matching panties she wore became known as ‘baby dolls’, and women everywhere turned back the hands of time and revisited the carefree days of adolescence with their own set of baby dolls.

Gone were the tight girdles, the spiral cone bras, and even plain nylon slips, all replaced with the pretty prints of the sassy baby doll.

Once girls experienced the freedom of child-like innocence, they couldn’t put it back in the closet. The first half of the 60s turned women into little girls when Twiggy‘s prepubescent body became the ‘Face’ of the decade.

Twiggy’s wide-eyed gaze and long and lean body was the perfect silhouette for the short and sassy baby doll dresses in pink gingham and flowers.