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Braces (Suspenders)

Wide – at *least* two inches – braces (or “suspenders” in the USA), generally with rainbows or anything colourful. Clipped-on with cheap metal clips. (Think Mork and Mindy or Annie Hall).

When Woody Allen’s 1977 blockbuster Annie Hall featured a masculinely dressed Diane Keaton, the ‘Annie Hall look‘ became an overnight trend.

Ladies everywhere slipped into men’s clothes, adopting the braces look as a proponent of the unisex style.

Robin Williams’ madcap portrayal of Mork from Ork in the hit Mork and Mindy TV series re-ignited the fad when he popularised rainbow-striped, clip-on braces with his wacky outfits.

While braces were no longer necessary to hold up trousers, their presence was strong -especially when worn over a tuxedo-front t-shirt.!

The 1980s kept the trend going strong, as braces joined the parade of clothing offered in a variety of pastel and/or neon colours.

And if you ever found yourself without clothes, braces hold up a barrel like nothing else.