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Crepe Soles

Soft, squishy and ugly . . . nothing was as comfortable as the crepe-soled shoe. Like walking on a cloud, crepe soles had that unattractive look of orthopaedic shoes but were heavenly to the feet.

Crepe soles had been around since the 50’s when Teddy Boys adopted the crepe-soled brothel creeper for their uniform. The crepe sole offered a soft, shock-absorbent cushion that was a mixture of rubber and wool.

The 70’s crepe soles were thin, bubbly beige bottoms attached to sneakers, sandals, and boots.

After endless hours running around the neighbourhood playing tag, your feet were as comfy as if they were in a pair of slippers.

Nobody said that the ’70s were a righteous time for fashion, and when orange, brown and avocado green were favourite colours. . . well, old fogey shoes just didn’t seem all that strange.