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Leisure Suit/Safari Suit

A loose-tailored two-piece suit with flat jacket pockets which experienced brief popularity as an after-work outfit for men. Often made from textured polyester blends and offered in distinctly non-professional colours like lemon yellow and robin’s egg blue!

It was marketed as the new suit, acceptable in business and the disco alike.

No more stuffy wool, no more constrictive neckties: the open-necked, wide-collared polyester shirt replaced the crisp cotton style of yesteryear.

Leisure Suits quickly became recognised as the mark of a Lounge Lizard, especially when worn with the winning combination of a half-unbuttoned shirt and a gold medallion.

Hey baby, want to swing? Thanks to the miraculous material, leisure suits will never die. Literally. We’re not kidding – You can’t hurt it, rip it, tear it, stain it, or shred it. Just don’t burn it, because it will melt!